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Managing your job - a three step process
At DSI, we manage your project from start to finish, helping you complete your building or renovation project smoothly and professionally. One, two, three - and it's done!

 Step 1: Customer Stone Selection

  1. Fax or email the dimensions of your project to DSI
  2. Select your stone from a supplier/distributor. Local distributors include:
    1. Midwest
    2. Amsum & Ash
    3. Stone Holding
    4. Cold Spring
  3. DSI purchases the slab stock selected by the customer, either at local suppliers/distributors or through suppliers in Chicago, if necessary.
  4. For smaller projects, select a stone from DSI's extensive inventory of stone remnants.

Step 2: Template & Information Gathering

  1. Once you have selected your stone, DSI begins the fabrication process.
  2. DSI templates your job and gathers sink, faucet, edging and other pertinent information.
    1. Select Edges & Finishes

Step 3: Fabrication and Installation

  1. DSI fabricates your job and installs the finished product in two to three weeks